INARS Congress 2021

International Congress on Social Sciences for Sustainability 2021

The resources of our world are rapidly running out... Moreover, the world population has already begun consuming from the resources of the following year. The solution lies in building a sustainable world that will ensure social progress and increase prosperity without relying on the resources of future generations. The United Nations announced the “Sustainable Development Goals” for 2030. While sustainability itself has become a discipline, encompassing human, society, environment, health, education, agriculture, industry, services, economy, and engineering ecosystems, all fields of science and almost every discipline have started to make critical contributions to the life support units of the world. Sustainability, which takes the first place on the agenda of science, now represents a disciplined effort in all aspects. The number of scientific studies and articles is increasing day by day. Universities and scientific institutions now attach special importance to this discipline as they should.

Article Academy; In the light of its long years of academic publishing experience, it strives to contribute to science on the axis of “Sustainability” where it will mediate the presentation of original academic studies with scientific congresses.

INARS, “International Congress on Social Sciences For Sustainability 2021” We are in collaboration with Yıldız Technical University this year in our “Sustainability” themed congress. We fully believe that the original studies and researches that will come to congress will contribute greatly to science, humanity, and our world.

Reminding that the reports will be published as e-book and physical print, we would like to state that it will be published in an academic journal if the full text of the report owner is passed by the arbitration committee.

“Sustainability "is the main theme, the congress will bring together scientists from around the world and Turkey, Yıldız Technical University (Yıldız) in support It will be organized online on 07 - 09 April 2021 in accordance with the announcement of YÖK on 6 March 2020.


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