INARS Congress 2021

INARS, “International Congress on Social Sciences For Sustainability 2021” We are in cooperation with Yıldız Technical University this year in our congress with the theme “Sustainability” 

While sustainability itself has become a branch of science, encompassing human, society, environment, health, education, agriculture, industry, services, economy and engineering ecosystems, all fields of science and almost every discipline have started to make critical contributions to the life support units of the world. Sustainability, which takes the first place on the agenda of science, now represents a disciplined effort in all aspects. The number of scientific studies and articles is increasing day by day. Universities and scientific institutions now attach special importance to this discipline as it should.

We firmly believe that the original studies and researches that will come to the congress will contribute greatly to science, humanity and our world.

You can make your “Sustainability-themed” presentation under the titles listed below.

• SUSTAINABILITY in Covit-19 Era
• Open and Distance Learning
• Banking and Insurance Business 
• Information and Document Management 
• Computer Education and Instructional Technology 
• Regional Studies 
• Contemporary Arts 
• Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures 
• Translation Studies 
• Child Development 
• Linguistics 
• Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Education 
• World Languages ​​and Literatures 
• Educational Sciences 
• Econometrics 
• Industrial Design 
• Ancient Languages ​​and Cultures 
• Philosophy 
• Finance 
• Journalism and Media Studies 
• Traditional Turkish Arts 
• Developmental Psychology 
• Visual Communication Design 
• Fine Arts Education 
• Public Relations 
• Interior Architecture 
• Economic Thought 
• Communication Studies 
• Public Administration 
• Comparative Literature 
• Classical Turkish Literature 
• Macro Economics & Micro Economics 
• Finance & Accounting 
• Mathematics and Science Education 
• Architecture 
• Music 
• Organization 
• Learning -Cognitive-Bio-Experimental Psychology 
• Special Education 
• Marketing 
• Landscape Architecture 
• Plastic Arts 
• Psychological and Psychological Counseling 
• Advertising 
• Performing Arts 
• Cinema  
• Political Thoughts & Political Science 
• Political Life and Institutions 
• Social Sciences Education 
• Social Work & Social Policy 
• Social Psychology & Social and Cultural Anthropology & Sociology 
• City and Regional Planning 
• Design 
• Restoration and Conservation of Movable Cultural Heritage / Artistic Works 
• Basic Education 
• Tourism 
• Turkish Language 
• Turkish Folklore 
• Turkish Education 
• International Economics 
• International Relations 
• International Trade 
• Production and Operations Management 
• Foreign Language Education 
• New Turkish Literature 
• Local Governments, Urban and Environmental Policies 
• Management Information Systems 
• Management and Strategy 
• Higher Education Studies 


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